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It is definitely one of the best feelings in the world to make the bride feel proud about you, about your maid of honor speech. To achieve that, you will have to go through various things, but none of them are hard, especially if you have a strong will and especially if you want that more than anything else. There are different situations at weddings. Maybe you are the maid of honor, because when you were just two little girls (you and the bride), playing with many Barbie dolls, you discussed about these things and now you just respected the promises that were made during childhood. In other cases, you simply are her sister and she sees you as a better friend than her girlfriends. Regardless of the case, a bride deserves a good treatment and a great speech from the maid of honor’s side. Click Here for 25 Maid of Honor Speech Samples

Being there with the bride whenever she needs it

Maybe you don’t have the connection yet and you don’t know how this can ever be related to making the bride feel proud in the context of your maid of honor speech. However, the truth being said, it is always important that you are there. There is a double benefit out of this, and maybe you only know a part of the entire picture. The part you probably know and have figured out already is that if you are the maid of honor, you need to be there with her, because it is sort of an obligation. Of course, it is a pleasant one, as girls like such things anyway and it is an honor for a woman to be the maid of honor. The other side of the things, the one you might have missed many times is that while you are there with her, you find out about her concerns, her emotions, her relationship with the groom and all other valuable details. Obviously, even if you don’t know the groom well, being there with the bride will always benefit your speech, it will always help you to make things better. Trust me – these things are important, even if there aren’t many people to tell you and to confirm it. More Bridesmaid Wedding Speeches HERE

Then, if you were the person there with her all the time, it builds up your future relationship. It also has a major impact on the way she is going to listen to everything you have to say. Truth being said, if the bride is impressed about a maid of honor speech, since the guest came to honor the young couple, they will also be impressed and have a round of applauses coming your way. Of course, things aren’t about the applauses with the maid of honor speeches, but things are rather about the way you will make people happy with a simple speech.

Be connected with the bride’s family

With all the preparations and many places to go, the bride won’t always be able to meet you. In those days, you can also be connected with her family. Those people will be able to tell you new things and to encourage you to write better parts in your maid of honor speech. All these things don’t happen so simply, but they happen as a process, built up every day, a brick put on the top every single day. In the end, you just notice it’s all there.

Obviously, to be able to please her family, you must get to know them. After all, the speech you will give will be somewhat judged by all the guests, but primarily by the family members who are most directly involved. Having good opinions coming from their side is a real help, as it will lift a weight from your shoulders (and you probably have no idea how big that one could be if it was left there).

Make sure your maid of honor speech is fresh and new

Now, this part is very simple to be presented as a concept, but you must understand its depths in order to make sure you can achieve that. To have a fresh and new speech means that you have committed yourself to improvement and to further corrections. Yes, it will all go through a multiple step process which is meant to polish the speech until the point at which you will feel it’s right.

The most important rule of a new speech is that you don’t copy. Even if you’d find an older blog, forgotten by people and not accessed anymore, the guests will feel you have taken someone else’s work. I mean, it always makes a difference if you speak your own words or someone else’s words. If you want to speak someone else’s words, the only right way to do it is to know that person and have an advanced level of friendship with him or her. However, this is not the case for the maid of honor speeches. Such an occasion, as an unwritten rule, is meant to have a unique speech written. That is exactly what you need to do.

Writing a unique bridesmaid speech doesn’t mean you have to panic. After all, it’s not a dissertation, and even if it were, you would be able to handle that too. A unique wedding speech means you can look at how a maid of honor speech structure is, you can check how other people wrote it, but you can’t copy their ideas and words. Another thing about not being a copy is that you need to have your personal ideas. Your own ideas will always match the wedding, because the wedding is also unique, it’s not the copy of any other wedding. Knowing all these, you can easily make sure to construct a speech of a quality so high, that even the most ironic guests will be able to appreciate it.

When it comes to having a fresh speech, this involves many aspects. The first aspect is that you need to be fresh when you are giving your maid of honor speech. Obviously, if you are fresh, it doesn’t just mean you need to be rested instead of being tired. Some people are fresh even when they are tired. If you are fresh with your speech, it is more about the attitude you bring. If you bring an attitude of stress and boredom on stage, then you shouldn’t wonder too much about the fact that it’s all a failure. Actually, the truth is that people who were bored and didn’t have the right attitude when speaking at a wedding later found out that the guests were laughing behind their backs, they later found out how unpleasant it was to be there like that.

Being fresh also means you have some words that are able to wake people up. Some people, especially at weddings, are asleep or tired and you need to make sure you “provoke” them to listen to your bridesmaid wedding speech. The only successful way to do that is to be so full of energy that they will automatically leave any other activity behind and start listening to you.

It is also recommended to not drink any alcohol before or during the speech. While many people have the wrong impression it helps, the reality is that alcohol never helped anyone to deliver a better maid of honor speech. I am sorry if this was your misbelief too – it’s good to know it’s fake. Alcohol only did one thing: confusion. You see, the brain functioning is altered during minutes and hours when being under the influence of alcohol. There are too few people who could truly claim about themselves that low amounts of alcohol helped them speak better. The only thing about speech it helps with is the amount – it helps you speak more. Unfortunately, that more of a speech isn’t necessarily the best part of it.

Give yourself time and room to prepare the bridesmaid speeches

Having the time

You can’t expect yourself to deal with the maid of honor speeches just like you would run as fast as you can. Being in a rush is never good and won’t ever determine you to have a great speech text. Building up the speech text is done slowly, but concisely. You will always need extra time to make sure the speech text is prepared and to make sure you are really ready for what it takes. After all, it’s not the simplest thing, but if you allow some free time to enjoy every single day then you will soon see how simple it gets. It’s like building a house: if you were the builder and just put 10-20 bricks every day, you would never get tired and the house would be built. However, this example is better – it’s like putting thousands of bricks per day and finishing the construction in a couple of weeks, without being exhausted.

You also need time to edit the bridesmaid speech after you assume a certain version of it was good enough. We often tend to assume that, believing that our speeches are great, but actually they aren’t that good and they need quite some corrections. These corrections are done in multiple phases and it’s not a shame to go through revisions and corrections constantly, week after week, day after day.

The time to prepare also means the time to meet with your friends. Friends will often be able to help you with your maid of honor speech, even if they aren’t speech professionals. You see, women have a good sense of how maid of honor speeches should sound like, they have a good sense of how it would be if your speech was a quality one. Thus, if you meet with them, you can ask them to sit down and listen to you speaking, pretending it was the wedding day. After a speaking session ended, you can always have them criticize you, tell you which parts were wrong, tell you about potential improvement ideas and things like that. You know, some fake people would maybe tell you “nah, your speech is excellent”, but true friends always have the audacity to tell you if you are wrong or if you could do a lot better. Some of your friends will also be able to give you more precise suggestions, like saying something else instead of what you said and even some of them might help you edit the maid of honor speech.

It is also a benefit for your preparation if you have some free time to read a couple of books, to watch some movies and to make sure you can easily make the bride feel proud due to your maid of honor wedding speech. Books and movies are amazing sources of inspiration, bringing out unique ideas you would’ve never found in other places. This is why allocating some extra time for your maid of honor speech is just what you need many times.

Need for the room!

You will also need some room to handle all the preparations. First of all, if you are in an environment which is really noisy and full of people speaking or laughing constantly, you might not be able to concentrate and you might not be able to work your way around things. If you stay at home or go to your best friend’s home (not the bride), then you might easily have some peace in your heart and be able to let the inspiration flow out from the inside, in the form of the words you will use in your bridesmaid speech. If you are the type of person, who is used to be surrounded with noisy factors, then it’s not a difficulty at all to get prepared in those circumstances.

However, having the room doesn’t only mean the writing. I often recommend people to use their mirrors to practice the maid of honor speeches. It’s a simple technique, it doesn’t cost money and it is highly effective. A mirror will always reveal your negative parts, a mirror will always tell you where and how you didn’t do what was nice to be done. Yes, after all it’s all acting while you are at home – you need to act just like if it was the actual wedding day, you need to pretend you are now in front of the bride and the groom and their guests, holding your speech. One of the simplest techniques is recording yourself, voice or voice and video too. With these recordings you can sit back and relax, and analyze how your speech sounded like and if you have a video, you will also see your own movements, you will also see how you looked like in the eyes of the guests. In these things, you must be able to constructively criticize yourself, allowing yourself the opportunity to correct whatever is wrong instead of being sad or depressed about certain realities.

Use your creativity and give your own words or quote someone

Then, towards the end of the speech you should be maximally creative. While some maids of honor will use quotes in these sections of the speech, others will prefer using their own words, their own creativity. Of course, if you consider how original one or another is, if you have some creativity then you must definitely use it. However, if you think a speech will express things in a better way then it is equally good to use it!

The maid of honor toast

Making the toast proposal is simple, but you need an amazing text. While there is an amount of formalism in any toast proposal, the maid of honor speech isn’t just about formalism. The toast proposal from the ending must have a personal touch and sound like one. Of course, if you have no experience, then you can’t know how it would sound like, but the best thing is that you can search online and read some toast proposals to get the style ideas. These ideas can also be borrowed from other types of wedding speeches, because they are highly similar. Also you can use some funny speeches!

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